Optimized for today’s learning environments 


Learning Suite subscription.

STREAMBOARD Learning Suite, for engagement everywhere on student devices, and STREAMBOARD, for dynamic lessons on your interactive display.

There’s a StreamBoard option that’s right for you 

Start using lesson delivery, assessments, collaborative workspaces, game-based activities and more. Add unlimited storage for a low monthly fee or get a group subscription for additional savings. 


The digital learning tool made for today

StreamBoard (formerly known as STREAMBOARD Learning Suite Online) provides simple ways to boost engagement without hours of prep time. Students can connect remotely to live lessons and engage in real-time with activities from anywhere. 

What We Do

Our Services

Combine your teaching resources, including PDF, Google™, and PowerPoint®  files to create one engaging lesson. Add only the pages you want and make your lessons flow from start to finish. 

Enhance content with interactive lessons, games and assessments. Create collaborative workspaces on the fly and easily add team-based activities like Monster Quiz and Shout it Out. 

Effortlessly switch between teacher-paced and student-paced learning to deliver lessons the way you want and boost engagement with game-based activities and assessments. 


StreamBoard Key Features

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Capture insights into learning

Visualize the learning curve with a dashboard master view of student progress. Choose what to assess and the way your students receive feedback, so you always have a clear understanding of where things are at. 


Intelligent integrations ​

Works well with Google and Microsoft® platforms, as well as learning management system platforms that teachers already use and schools have invested in. Create, organize, deliver and share StreamBoard lessons directly from Google Drive™, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams®.


Our mission

Learning and collaboration are essential to progress in any field. Our mission is to transform them for the better. As education and the workplace continue to evolve, StreamBoard is there — helping our customers get the most from cutting-edge technology and making sure they’re ready for what’s next. 


Inspired by educators

StreamBoard was created by teachers, for teachers: people with a passion for empowering everyone to shine their brightest. It’s a legacy that has fueled us from our early startup days in Blackburn, England, to the international company we are today.


Our Happy Customers

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Math Lecturer
I have been associated with StreamBoard for the last few months and can undoubtedly claim that they are doing a wonderful job in making learning seem fun. Their approach to learning is one of a kind and motivates me as a teacher to teach more and more students.
During the lockdown, I noticed that my son Karthik lost interest in studying online as it was only theoretical learning and nothing practical. We then came across StreamBoard, that enabled him to experience hands-on learning at home with ease, while teacher is explaining.
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